One of the great advantages of online casinos is the bonuses and promotions that they offer to their players, providing more profit and the possibility of new and more advantageous final prizes. Bonuses and promotions can appear at any time, so it is imperative that players know the most popular, knowing not only their rules and conditions, but also how to use them. As we explain on the Roulette Method home page, all casinos that are recommended on our site offer a welcome bonus which is a fantastic opportunity to start your adventure with this method, using a much more attractive bankroll that will increase your chances of winning money. However, there are many other bonuses and offers at casinos. Let’s look at the main ones:

Welcome Bonus

This type of bonus is characterized by the delivery of a certain amount of money. Its goal is for the player to get to know the casino and the games available. Usually its value depends a lot on the casino itself and its popularity, but the most common are around £100, enticing players to sign up with them and experience everything in detail. Later player will have to deposit their own money to be able to bet more. There are casinos that offer welcome bonuses up to £2400 for example, which means that if you deposit a higher amount on your first deposit, you can take advantage of this bonus and double your bankroll.

First Deposit Bonus

After the welcome bonus this is the most popular bonus among players around the world, characterized by a fixed or variable amount (depending on the characteristics of the bonus itself) at the time players make their first deposit. In this type of bonus it is imperative that the player has a lot of attention to its rules and conditions. Most of them offer 100% or 200% of the amount deposited, which in practical terms means to double or triple the amount deposited by the player, however the conditions for withdrawal this money are also more complex than in other types of bonuses. First deposit bonus is one of the most appealing bonuses at online casinos and a way for you to increase your bankroll immediately by doubling or tripling your balance, which will allow you to place more bets and increase your odds of winning at the casino.

Deposit Method Bonus

There are some casinos that prefer a certain type of deposit method than others, leading players to prefer them with a new special bonus. Values vary from method to method and from casino to casino, however, the most common value is around 20% of the amount deposited. It is important to note that these bonuses are always associated with deposit methods that have lots of advantages for the player and that allow a cashback of a percentage of the money. Choose your deposit method well and enjoy some extra bonuses each time you deposit money at casino.

Special Bonuses

Online Casinos BonusThese bonuses aren’t periodic, they depend on the player’s interaction with the casino, a special celebration of a season or event. These bonuses have their own rules, conditions and characteristics, so it’s imperative that players read all the information regarding the bonus they are interested in to ensure that there are no unexpected situations later.

Many casinos offer their players loyalty casino bonuses, which basically consist of offering a promotional bonus of 100% up to £100, for example, just because the player is very active in the casino and has been a customer for some time. There are also bonuses related to the lack of activity, a way to get a player’s attention to play.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Refer-a-Friend Bonus is one of the most popular these days. It offers a fixed value for all references that players make to the casino itself. These values range from £25 to £ 75 for each new player who registers through his referral link. This type of bonus is highly appreciated by players with a large list of friends or who know a new casino, as they get a good game portfolio simply for the reference they made.

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