Roulette is one of the most popular games of Online Casinos, so we can say that thousands of players enter the casinos, physical or online, place their bets and hope to be able to recover the investment made, preferably with some winnings. That´s why many are looking for the best and most effective information to establish interesting strategies to increase their chances of winning. Although it’s not impossible to foresee what the result will be, the truth is that Roulette creates great distrusts between the players with regard to techniques or tips to increase their probability of winning. But the truth is that there are numerous strategies to win at Roulette.

Even though this is a game of luck, there are some factors that players must take into account, especially when choosing the type of betting systems they will follow, outlining a kind of betting strategy and choosing the best opportunities available, to get some winnings more easily.

There are several types of systems currently available, some of which are easier and more accessible, even without great technical knowledge, but all require concentration, some investment and in many cases mathematical calculations, that´s why knowledge is nowadays much more present than luck. Knowledge can remove some of the animation and fun that characterizes this game around the world, but its numerous benefits can overcome many difficulties.

Martingale System

This betting system is used by a large percentage of attentive players, not only in Roulette, but also in other games of chance, since it is very simple to realize, it may be the best way for those who want to recover their investment and achieve a good winnings. Its concept is very simple: the player must bet a fixed amount, always doubling his bet, until winning. This system is ideal for bets where the chances of winning are 50/50, like color or pair. It’s easy to see how you should behave by basing your strategy on the Martingale system.

Initially, the player must define which is his unit of bet, being advised to start with a low value, like 2€. Then, every time he loses he must double the amount of the last bet. Let’s look at a practical example:

The player bets 2€ on Red. It comes out Black, so the player loses his bet.

In the next bet, instead of 2€, you must bet 4€, preferably in the same color and so on until you win the bet, getting a profit of € 2 at the end. When you win, change color. Read more in the Roulette Method Demo.

Of course, all strategies and systems have their own inherent disadvantages and risks. In this specific case, the risk is practically nil, having only a minimally high balance to always double bets when losing until recovering all the money invested. Victory may occur when your bet is 2€ , 4€ or when it reaches 64€, which in practical terms means that players have to have some money in their account to continue betting until they win and recover that money.

Win at RouletteLabouchere system

This is a system that has been increasingly used with the purpose of winning at roulette, recovering lost money and reach profit.

This is a more suitable system for online casinos because it requires some concentration and a kind of betting list that you can hardly do with the excitement and confusion that surrounds physical casinos.

In this betting system, players should start by defining what amount they want to put into the game, obviously depending on their balance and even their financial strategy. It is important to remember that you should never exceed the limits you have set for yourself.

Thus, after setting the total amount, for example 10€, the player must choose a list of positive numbers, which together is the value that he has defined for his bet.

You can choose how many and what numbers you want to put on your list, however the total should be an even number and the sum of these numbers the value that you have defined. Let’s see a practical example:

The player chooses to bet 20€ and the following list of numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Then players have to choose from the same list, the first and last numbers, adding them and placing that amount on their bet, preferably on the type of bets that are more likely to win, such as color or pair bets.

In this specific case 2 + 6 = 8€

If the player wins he must “scratch” these 2 numbers and move on to the next ones (the first and last numbers). If he loses he must add this bet amount to the end of his list and continue with the following numbers.

As the system described above, this one also presents a minimally high investment, although it has proved to be extremely effective in terms of player’s winnings.

D’Alembert System

This system has the name of its creator, Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, and nowadays it’s one of the most used by players, since it’s the most advantageous for bets that pay 2 to 1(2:1). It’s based on a very simple concept: if there is a result that appears more frequently, then it is extremely logical that the opposite result will occur in the future.

This type of bet is based on color and pair bets, and the player must start by analyzing the results, ie if the player finds that black is the most frequently occurring result, then bet on Red. If you lose, you should increase your bet, if you win you should lower your bet.

In practical terms it´s very simple and easy to understand:

The player defines that his bet is 1 unit – Example 1€ – if he loses, his next bet should be 2€, if he continues to lose his next bet should be 3€ (sum of the last two bets). If he wins, should continue with the last bet, in this case it would be 2€.

This theory is based on the natural balance of the results of roulette, however this balance is not possible to predict, so it may take some time until its rediscovery what will involve a large investment. It is also important to point out that the profits are not as high as in the other betting systems described above.

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