Roulette is probably one of the oldest games in casinos. Its popularity began to explode when online casinos weren’t so popular. Its popularity became even more evident after many references in famous films, always associated to luxury and profit. One of the main features in these same cinematic references is the animation and fun around roulette tables in online casinos.

Although it is a game of chance, often referred to as a game of luck, depending on the way it is seen by players, there is a certain connection with the knowledge and strategy of winning, since the type of bets placed may result in higher earnings. Online Roulette and Roulette (physical casinos) work in much the same way. The most noticeable and obvious difference is that Online Roulette becomes much more solitary, without that emotion present in physical casinos.

In both options, players will find several types of roulette, however the most popular are American Roulette and European Roulette. They are very similar, only differing on player’s chances of winning a bet. They are completely different that’s why players are divided.

Play Roulette

Online Casino RouletteOne of the most significant feature of this type of game is the animation and socializing that is seen around a game table. Despite being a table game, it has no connection with card games, presenting very different characteristics and quite unique ways of playing, making it such a special game.

In its online version, it works in exactly the same way as in physical casinos. The main difference is the animation around the table, which on gaming platforms is not as noticeable as in other cases, but with chat rooms and now with the new live online casinos it is already starting to gain other forms.

This game presents a unique mechanism with a wheel numbered from 1 to 36, alternating the color that is at the base of the numbers between black, red and only one of green color, which refers to the number zero.

The game is extremely simple to understand: players start by placing their bets, (there are several options) and the dealer validates them. Then the wheel is spun one way with the ball sent in the opposite direction, causing the inertia of the movement smaller and smaller. Then the ball will eventually stop on a number.

The great animation that is experienced at the moment of the game is characterized by the inconstant results, that is, since everything is based on a wheel and a ball it´s practically impossible to predict the results, thus making this game so exciting.

Bet on Roulette

This is an impossible game to predict and almost based on the luck that the players have at the moment. However, there is something that players can and should control to be able to exponentially increase their odds of winning – betting.

Players should focus their attention on the different types of bets, since it’s the only thing in the whole game that they can control. Bets are placed before the roulette is put into play, at the game table, which has its own characteristics. They obey a series of rules and there are several types of bets so that players can win more times than they were expecting.

There are several types of bets in roulette. They bring more or less chances of winning for players, however, investments are also different. It’s essential that players can find a perfect balance between their chances of winning and possible investments.

Simple Bets – This is the traditional way of betting, usually associated with less experienced players. In these cases the investment is very low and therefore the chances of winning are equally low. In simple betting, players choose only one number.

Combined Bets – Very similar to simple bets, but instead of choosing only 1 number to place their bets, players choose two numbers. The investment increases minimally, however the chances of winning are equally low.

Column / Line Bets – As the name implies, it is easy to understand this type of bets. In this particular case, players will choose a column or a line and bet. The level of investment increases a lot, but the chances of winning are equally high.

Color / Pair Bets – This is the type of bets most used by the most experienced players, with more investment, but with very high chances of winning. In this particular case, players choose whether the number will be even or odd or whether it will be black or red.


Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games where players can minimize their gambling risk according to the type of bets they make.

Playing Roulette on an Online Casino is practically the same as playing it in a physical casino. The most noticeable difference is in relation to the social question of the game, that is, this is a game known for all the animation and fun that is generated around the table game, something that in online casinos is very complicated to achieve.

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