Roulette is often one of the first games that pop into mind when you think about traditional casinos. In a Online Casino is exactly the same, it is one of the most wanted games since even through the computer you can feel all the euphoria of roulette. A few short years ago, to play roulette you had to leave your house and go to a casino, nowadays, with the evolution of technology you can play it in the comfort of your home.

A game with centuries in online casinos

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games ever and one of the most wanted by all players. It’s a classic that you can find in every gaming room. That’s why it’s essential for casinos to have the game of roulette. Playing roulette may seem a little intimidating and difficult to play at first. However, knowing its basic rules you can play it and have lots of fun. Over the years, roulette has been seen as a way to become rich. Perhaps that’s why it’s so famous! Roulette is simply the best casino game to win.

Technological revolution offers a whole new interactive world that changed the way we see and play casino games. No one could ever know that someday we will be able to play roulette from the comfort of our own home. Online Casinos, in addition to the great experience they provide players, have revolutionized the way Roulette is played.

Online Roulette is also based on a wheel that spins. The big goal is to predict where the ball will land, but the types of bets don’t stop here. Roulette is not famous only for its age but mainly for its various types of betting. Players have many ways to put their money on the table, which means that they also have many ways to win. There are several different types of roulette bets. Among the most popular we have: Split Bet or Two Number, Line Bet, High Bet, Low Bet, Red or Black. See all types: Types of bets in Roulette

As you play you will gain more experience and soon will be able to choose the best strategy. It’s important to know how much you should bet and where you should bet to increase your incomes. Experience is essential for a player because an experient player know when to take risks and bet in a calculative way, in order to increase his odds of winning.

Types of Roulette you can find at an online casino

Playing Online RouletteOnline Roulette: the first Roulette recreated in the digital world. It´s still one of the most used by players and can be found in all online casinos. The results are generated automatically by RNG (generation of a sequence of numbers or symbols). There are several online roulette manufacturers, the most used are: Playtech, Betsson, NetEnt Roulette Online, Swiss Gaming.

Online Live Roulette: this type of roulette is a junction between classic roulette and online roulette. Here the results do not depend on a random number generator. There is a real croupier that guides the table and makes the wheel spin. To play it you have to buy chips and bet on a virtual table, but you will be able to see the wheel spinning in real time.

Immersive Roulette: this type of roulette is very similar to Online Live Roulette but with more details since several high quality chambers are used, which makes the experience much more real. When playing this type of roulette you will feel at a casino betting room: see the wheel and all its details in real time. At some points images are seeing in slow motion. A much more sharper image, a more real experience that is gaining ground in the online gaming world. However, not all casinos have available this kind of roulette.

Happy betting!

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