Method Roulette

Best MethodTo start the Roulette Method you don’t need much more than a computer (PC or Mac) with internet connection, and about 30 to 60 minutes a day of free time to apply the strategy and thus you can earn at least £150 per day at the Recommended Casinos. It is also recommended that you sign up with at least £200 in the first Casino, since a lower value may not be sufficient to recover any losses that you may have during the Method and as I will explain below.

I also recommend you to always download the Casino software, install this software on your computer and play it from the Casino software itself, because it’s more reliable and secure. All of the Recommended Casinos on our site are extremely reliable and secure, and the software performs above average and is virus-free.

How to use this method

As you will start to realize, as you begin to apply the Method and feel that it really works, you will want to apply it more than once a day and for more than 30 to 60 minutes a day. It is not recommended! Don’t play more than 60 minutes a day and don’t try to earn the whole money in a single day, because this could lead you to significant losses.

Examples of reasonable profits when applying the Method:

Monday: £75
Tuesday: £71
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: £67
Friday: £82
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: £77

If you notice, in a week you can win something like £372 in a single casino! Of course, if you apply the Roulette Method to several casinos at the same time, you can increase your winnings, divide the profits by several Casinos and even alternate your rest days so that Casinos don’t realize that you are using a Method to try to take advantage of the game. This means that if you use this Method in the Recommended Casinos by our site, you can achieve a weekly gain of around £1750!

Gaming Software

Roulette SoftwareNot all gaming softwares are equal, but its operation is actually very simple. I recommend that you create an account from the software or on the Casino’s own website, in order to test and apply the Method in a demo version of the game. If you feel comfortable, you can later apply this method with real money. I recommend you to make a minimum deposit of £200 to fight a less positive series, as you can see in Roulette Method Demo.

When you start playing in real money mode, make your initial deposit and take advantage of the Casino bonus. After that, already in the game software, look for “Card games and board> French Roulette> Individual player version” and start to apply the Roulette Method!