The Martingale system is a betting method based on odds. This method was created by Paul Pierre Lévy, known by the system of doubling or progression. Roulette players started using it in the 18th century and nowadays many players still use it. Players believe that this method can increase the chances of winning and increase the value of the prize.

Applied to roulette, Martingale means that you can only place your chips on outside bets, that is, that pay 50/50. Bets that pay the same as the initial value of your bet. It is very easy to use this system, you don’t need to use paper or pen as you do in other methods.This system can be used in several ways, let’s see the most popular.

Classic Martingale: defends that every time you lose, you double your bet. That is, if you lose, you have to double the total value of your bet. Also if you win you will start with your original bet and you will recover all your losses. In some softwares you may already find a duplicate button that makes it so much easier.

For example: you start to bet £10 and you lose. In the next round you double the bet amount, that is, you will bet £20. You lose again, you will have to bet £40 on the next round. This time you win and you can back to the beginning, betting only £10 and so on. Notice that you lost twice in a row by increasing the value of your bet. However, when you bet £40 and you win, you win £40. That is, you earn more than what you lost.

The main problem of this system is that after only a few rounds players can hit the table limit. Imagine that the maximum bet amount of the table is £500. If you start by betting £5 and if you lose 7 times in a row, you’ll reach the maximum limit of the table. (£5 + £10 + £20 + £40 + £80 + £160 + £320 = £635). We advise you to start betting only £1, because if you lose several times the total value of your bet won’t be so high. Also you can establish for yourself a maximum limit of bet that can not exceed.

When you are playing roulette with this method, know that when you double your bet, you can and should put your chips in other external bets, such as Black, Odd or bets 19 – 36. If you like to bet on colors, know that you don’t need to always bet on the same color. Changing your bet from Black to Red or vice versa will not influence the outcome of the Martingale system at all.

Does the Martingale system really work?

Martingale system in RouletteThe answer to this question is somewhat ambiguous. Let’s see, on the one hand you will be able to win using this method and you should always set your own maximum bet amount or how much you can double the bet. On the other hand, if you intend to use this method for some time, you will eventually notice that the table will have a maximum bet limit that prevents you from continuing to use Martingale.

Historically, roulette tables began to have maximum bet limits around 1950 in order to counteract the use of this method. If you double your bets too many times, you will see that you can no longer do it and the method will die in that instant moment. All casinos have max bets that’s why you should start with a very low bet with the Martingale system. Our advice is to try it and draw your own conclusions. Sure is a method that is very used by roulette players and that will give you many winnings.

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