Nowadays there are several payment methods that online casinos offer to their players, and it’s their responsibility to find the ones that best suit their needs. Another feature that players should keep in mind when choosing their method of payment is the speed and rates applied, since in some cases the disadvantages are much greater than the advantages, and players always end up losing. It is imperative that players know which payment method is ideal for their purposes, knowing the characteristics that distinguish it from the others and enjoying their services to deposit or withdraw money from the online casino.


Nowadays electronic wallets are probably the most widely used methods around the world. With all the security they imply, they also guarantee deposits withdrawals of money without associated fees with a phenomenal speed. There are several eWallets in the market, almost all with the same type of characteristics, but the best are:

Paypal – one of the most widely used payment methods in the world, with all the security that online casinos need, stands out for the speed of process. The vast majority of casinos have partnerships established with Paypal and by raising their account funds through this electronic wallet, Paypal will not charge any type of transaction fee. It does not charge fees to raise money for the bank account.

Skrill – is also one of the most popular electronic methods these days. It is probably the oldest electronic method ever in online casinos, with all the security players need, is considered by many as the most suitable to make several transfers monthly, since it is quite fast and the associated fees are minimal. A withdrawal for the bank account has a cost of only £1.80.

Neteller – also very popular these days. It has all the security that players are looking for, speed and charges small fees that make players happy. Its major disadvantage is the difficulty in maintaining the account.

Click2Pay – despite being one of the most recent, is nowadays one of the most used by thousands of players worldwide. It has a small fee for withdrawals, however in deposits this rate is so low that few players notice.

Credit cards

Deposit and Withdraw at Online CasinosThis is probably one of the oldest methods ever in online casinos. It guarantees transactions fairly quickly and usually without any kind of associated fees. Although many players still feel frightened by putting their credit card details on a Casino website, the truth is that the security protocols are now advanced and the risk of breaching the security of an Online Casino is practically nonexistent. Deposits and withdrawals through credit cards are a common practice in online casinos and one of the most secure and reliable methods today.

Bank Transfer

These method stand out for its safety, however it is important to note that in some cases it takes days or weeks until they are available, either to deposit or withdraw your money. A bank transfer can take 48 to 72 hours to be confirmed by a casino, this causes you to carry out the transfer and wait between 3 and 5 days before you can start playing. This is also valid for withdrawals.

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