Over the years the History of Roulette has had several twists, there were times when it was called “Leader of the Casino Games”, but others in which it didn’t have the adhesion that the casinos expected. This game is one of the oldest in the world of casinos. It began to be played only by great leaders and the elite of society, but with the evolution of the game and after its massification around the world, is currently one of the most played and popular games, especially in online casinos.

The origin of this game is one of the most controversial issues in the history of the gambling world, as there are several theories, each with consistent evidence and a certain logic. Some theories defend that Roulette was created in the 19th century, in France, but there are other theories that suggest that the history of Roulette goes back to earlier times, with references to Pascal, who looked for the best possible solution for a machine of continuous movement.

However, the game itself, as it’s known today, is the result of a combination of several english games and french board games, resulting in the Roulette game that is nowadays present in any casino. However, even after this game being in most casinos, there were still times when the evolution and the improvement of the game was a constant in order to make it one of the most popular.

This evolution occurred in order to change Roulette rules and its odds because it was a game very directed to the control of the casinos, thus leading players to large losses and few opportunity to cover from them. Changes were essential to make the popularity of the game evolve exponentially over the years and allow players to win in Roulette.

The Origins of Roulette

In the beginning of the XVII century, Blaise Pascal presented the first roulette wheel in history, a machine with very primitive characteristics, that executed a continuous movement. However, this machine was only used in the following century. It is suggested that its creation comes from the combination of some english games with some french board games.

The first roulettes to emerge contained only a zero, the space of the eagle and the symbol of the American freedom, nevertheless with the evolution of the game and with the continuous need to improve the game, these were falling into disuse and today Roulette is composed by numbered spaces, with alternating colors.

History tells us that the first appearance of Roulette was inside french convents, in order to change its routine and without any connection to money or gambling, since it was just a form of entertainment that didn’t exist. Subsequently the game passed outside the gates of these convents and began to appear in all parisian casinos, becoming an form of entertainment for most of the players who spent several hours there.

This game began to get the attention of thousands of people and become the authentic “King of Casinos”. The animation and fun around their tables were so much that when a player entered in a casino his attention was drawn by the sound of laughter and amusement and in this way he was “forced” to try his luck and experience some of that fun.

Today’s Roulette

Roulette HistoryRegardless of the connection to physical or online casinos, it is very rare to have someone who doesn’t know how to recognize the roulette game. The rules and the way of playing it is another matter, but the concept is a little bit of its history, anyone with general culture has heard of it.

It´s present in all casinos, whether physical or online, it’s often referred to as a luxury game in several movies and television series, it´s connected to popular theories and sayings, especially for those times when no one knows for sure the future of a certain situation, due to the lack of impossibility to imagine what the results of the game will be.

As mentioned before, this is one of the most popular games of today’s casinos. However, it should be noted that after World War II it lost many supporters and became almost invisible for a while, mainly because american players began to discover that card games could be much more enjoyable, because they depended on techniques and knowledge, unlike Roulette, something that changed in the following decades.

Also its evolution was aided by the massification and evolution of the online casinos themselves. There are so many virtual machines that allow this type of betting that more and more players try their luck hoping to win.

Roulette and Internet

As mentioned earlier, the Internet has had an amazing impact on the history, evolution and popularity of casino games, particularly Roulette games. In the last century, the Internet has grown exponentially and nowadays it´s everywhere (in more developed countries, logically).

Internet has provided a huge leap in online casinos that have followed developments and started to enter in more and more houses and been seen as a viable option for all those who wanted to have fun while maintaining the possibility of winning.

Currently, it is estimated that there are more than two thousand websites with online roulette games in their various versions, such as European, American or other less popular.


Unlike other casino games, the history of Roulette is rather obscure. There are so many versions and theories that no one is certain of its origins.

However, its growth has been fairly constant and positive, with only a reference to a decline in popularity, after World War II. Nowadays, Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world of Online Casinos and a real opportunity to win by applying the most correct methods and game strategies.

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