The most popular versions of roulette are the European and the American. However, there is another version that is nothing more than the true origin of the European. French Roulette is the first version of the European Roulette and we can say that they are almost identical. The real difference is that in French roulette the table has a special area to place Call Bets. There are several types of Call that refer to series of numbers taking into account their location on the wheel. These type of bets, unfortunately, aren’t available in all traditional casinos, they may even be difficult to find. However, in Online Casinos you will be able to find several Roulettes with this feature. Usually they have names like Roulette Gold or Roulette Pro, it depends on the online casino where you are playing.

Just like European Roulette, French Roulette also has only a 0, giving you more chances to win. This is one of the main reasons to prefer these two versions to American roulette. Another reason is because in French Roulette you will find two rules that considerably increase the chances of players making more money: the En Prison and La Partage. The latter means that if the ball falls in zero, the value of all bets placed will be divided by two and one half of the initial bet will be returned to the player. The En Prison rule means that when the ball falls in zero, the player won’t lose his bet, the bet will continue on the table for the next round. If in the next round the balls falls again in zero the player gets his money back but without having any profit.

French roulette has an even lower house edge

French Roulette has only a 0 slot and with the possibility of using the rules En Prison or La Partage the house edge is only 1.35%. In European Roulette the house edge is 2.70% and in American Roulette is 5.28%. Given these percentages we can easily say that the best roulette to play and where you are most likely to win is in French roulette.

French RouletteFrench Roulette is the best version to play because it has the lowest house advantage. That´s why players should have more interest in this version. But no, the truth is that French Roulette is the least common in traditional and online casinos. For the same reason that players would prefer this version, casinos don´t. Because it has a lower house advantage it’s less common in both traditional and online casinos. As a result players end up playing European Roulette. In some variations you can use those two rules above and also Call Bets. It depends on the casino itself.

One of the variations of Online French Roulette that has more followers is Live French Roulette because you can see the croupier and the wheel spinning in real time. Nevertheless it is also one of the most difficult variations to find. Not all online casinos have this variation available. In consequence French Roulette is falling into disuse and basically players, more and more play the European and the American version. It wil may seem a bit complicated to play French Roulette however sure you will find it in good online casinos. Also you may notice that you won’t have much to choose from when it comes to this version. While there are ten different games of European Roulette, you may find only three of French Roulette. Nonetheless you should try this version and take your own conclusions.

Happy betting!