Method Roulette

Demonstration of the Mathematical Method

The Roulette Method is based on the explanation of the odds in a game like Roulette, in which our objective is to bet on Black and Red. Of course, you will make money at some point, just as you’ll lose it. However, you will always end up winning with this mathematical method, because the Laws of Probability are in your favor! Although you can use it in other types of bets, we recommend you only to do it on Black and Red bets.

How does it work?

1st Phase:
> Choose an initial colour. Eg, we chose Black.

2nd Phase:
> Bet a chip in the chosen color. Ex: bet £1 on Black.

3rd Phase:
> If the selected colour (Black) comes out, you go to the “Winning” phase.
> If the colour not selected (Red) comes out, you go to the “Losing” phase.

WINNING phase: Place a chip in the opposite colour to the one you just chose, rotate the roulette wheel and move on to phase 3.

LOSING phase: Double your previous bet in the same colour, ie bet £2 in Black. Turn the roulette wheel and go to the 3rd Phase.


The use of this Roulette Method is extremely simple:

When you lose, double your bet in the same color. When you win, change color and bet the initial bet amount (£1). This means that if you lose, for example 3, consecutive rounds, you would bet £1 + £2 + £4 and so on until you win again and start again from the initial bet of £1 which is the recommended value for this Method!

Note: We strongly advise you not to be greedy! Use the Roulette Method with intelligence and don’t try to win everything in one day. When you reach your daily goal, log into a different Casino or simply turn off your computer.

Mathematical Explanation

French, European or Pro Roulette have 37 holes: 18 Black, 18 Red, and a Zero hole which is neither Black nor Red. As you have seen earlier in our example, we decided to bet on Black:

> The probability of no Black is 19/37 (19 = 18 Red + Zero)

> The probability of Black is 18/37 (18 Black)

When using this Roulette Method, most people get worried with the consecutive losses, that is, what is the probability of losing a series of several consecutive rounds and run out of money.

Let’s see what are the chances of making a series of consecutive bets and never go Black, and eventually lose our entire money by reaching the maximum betting limit imposed by the Casino. This calculation therefore depends on the minimum and maximum betting limits allowed by the Casino in question, which is why I always recommend you to place your bets with £1 and multiples of £1.

Let’s use as an example an initial bet of £1.

Minimum bet = £1.00
Max bet = £1.000

> 1st Bet = £1 = lost
> 2nd Bet = £2 = lost
> 3rd Bet = £4 = lost
> 4th Bet = £8 = lost
> 5th Bet = £16 = lost
> 6th Bet = £32 = lost
> 7th Bet = £64 = lost
> 8th Bet = £128 = lost
> 9th Bet = £256 = lost
> 10th Bet = £512 = lost
> 11th Bet = £1024 = lost

In a scenario like this, we would lose our player bankroll and we wouldn’t be able to bet a higher value than £1024 in a simple Black and Red bet, because the Casino wouldn’t let us do so. However the probability of a series of 11 consecutive negative bets is only 0.000655%!


Probability that Black doesn’t come out in 11 consecutive spins = (19/37) 11 = 0.000655%

> 1 time in 1527 we lose 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 + 256 + 512 = £1023
> In 1526 times out of 1527 we win £1

This means that our Roulette Method is infallible and you’ll always end up winning, no matter what!

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