Nowadays, it can be said that the most famous version of roulette is the European, however, American Roulette continues to have many players. So as we all agree, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It was created in 1655 by Blaise Pascal in France, and was basically identical to today’s American Roulette. French and English settlers took this fantastic game to american lands, winning many players. Its name, American Roulette, is due to the fact that a new version of roulette was created in Europe, the European version, that began to be more popular. They have small differences that´s why, in order for us to be able to distinguish them, they have different names.

Small details make all the difference

American RouletteIt’s amazing how a small detail can make all the difference when playing roulette. Well, the big difference between American Roulette and other versions is the double zero slot (00). This means that this version has 38 slots: numbers from 1 to 36 and two more slots numbered 0 and 00. This modification is quite important when choosing which version of roulette you should play. Why? Because adding a new slot changes the odds. In European Roulette you will have better chances of winning, and for that reason, it has become more and more famous.

The house edge is bigger in American Roulette. The double zero (00) takes the house advantage to 5.28%. In European roulette the house edge is 2,7% and in French roulette is 1,35%. This is the big difference that makes players prefer to play other versions. Still there are many players that like to play the American version.

To play American Roulette no special skills are required. This version of Roulette is played in the same way as European Roulette. First you start by placing your bet on the table and waiting for the result of the wheel to come out. Then you’ll know if you win or lose. Get to know the different types of bets in the article: Types of bets in Roulette.

American Roulette Online

American Roulette is present not only in all traditional casinos but also in all online casinos. It continues to have a great legacy at certain points in the world, especially in the United States. In online casinos you will find an American Roulette identical to the traditional one, the main difference is that is via computer, phone or tablet. The climax of this version is when it is played Live. American Live Roulette is one of the most wanted game types in the world, as it easily achieves all the realism and gaming experience as if it were in a physical casino. You can see the wheel spinning in real time, see the dealers announcing the bets of the other players and announcing the big winner. It’s amazing how technology has managed to reproduce all the excitement one has in a traditional casino. The most amazing thing is that you can play in the comfort of your home, on the way to work, or in any other place, as long as you have internet.

The best advice we can give to someone about roulette is that you can choose, so you should always choose to play European roulette since you have more chances of winning. Nevertheless you should try the American Roulette and have your own opinion. Be a curious player and try the American roulette, who knows if you´ll be a big winner. Please note that before playing roulette you should choose a certified and safe casino that offers you an initial bonus or exclusive promotions. Discover here: The Best casinos to play American Roulette.

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